Design Construction Manager





  • Lead collaborative efforts to implement construction plans, fostering effective communication among diverse design stakeholders and ensuring the successful integration of design elements for the project.
  • Plan and facilitate design workshops, creating a platform for interdisciplinary discussions and idea exchange, while coordinating workshop schedules to ensure the active participation of key stakeholders.
  • Conduct meticulous reviews of designs during planning and construction phases, ensuring compliance with project specifications, industry standards, and regulatory requirements, and providing constructive feedback to enhance design quality and project success.
  • Contribute actively to optimizing the planning process, identifying opportunities for increased efficiency and superior project outcomes.
  • Provide strategic planning support to the execution team, aligning design plans with project goals and timelines.


  • Possess a minimum of 5+ years of managerial experience in a related field, specifically as a general contractor, showcasing substantial professional expertise in architecture, civil engineering, or related construction fields.
  • Hold a completed degree in architecture, civil engineering (preferably in metal and mechanical engineering), or an equivalent qualification, emphasizing a sound understanding of materials and products in façade technology.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in CAD programs, with expertise in digital planning tools specific to the construction industry, and a basic knowledge of statics, building physics, and spatial imagination.
  • Exhibit solution-oriented thinking, essential for resolving design challenges in construction projects, along with strong negotiating skills for effective coordination with diverse design professionals and stakeholders.
  • Showcase excellent communication and interpersonal skills, fluent in English, with the ability to collaborate with stakeholders at all levels. Additionally, display a willingness to work in Amsterdam, Netherlands OR Frankfurt, Germany (German Required) travel to different sites, and have a comprehensive knowledge of local, state, and federal regulations and standards.


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NOTE: A valid Visa/Work permit for the specific job location is essential for this role.

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