• Food Approved Nitrile Gauntlet

    2.45 (Inc Vat)

    Free of chemical allergens (Type IV allergies), latex protein (Type I allergies) and Nitrosoamines & Nitrosatables, the A814 has been designed specifically for the food industry. Offering outstanding flexibility and dexterity coupled with excellent tear and puncture resistance means these gloves are ideal for food handling.


  • Nitrosafe Plus Chemical Gauntlet Green

    3.80 (Inc Vat)

    -Tested to offer protection against many common chemicals found in the industry
    -Anti-slip textured pattern offers good grip in both wet and dry conditions
    -Free of soluble proteins helps to minimize the risk of an allergic reaction
    -Lightweight 15 mil thickness
    -Textured pattern
    -Suitable for a broad range of industries

    Nitrile, Cotton