• Essentials HSE 1 person travel kit in Helsinki bag

    15.50 (Inc Vat)
    • Easily stored in a desk drawer or vehicle.
    • Capacity to hold several additional items.
    • Practical and modern with a feature-rich design.
    • Includes the minimum obligatory content for lone workers.
    • Stylish, robust, and functional in a soft water-repellent fabric.
  • HSE 10 Person Workplace Kit in Green Aura Box

    39.00 (Inc Vat)
    • HSE basic workplace kit
    • Covers 10 persons (risk dependent)
    • Standard economic durable carry case
    • Protects from dust and moisture
    • Content based on 1997 ACOP
  • Compact Vehicle First Aid Kit in Helsinki Bag

    35.00 (Inc Vat)
    • Mini kit for single user.
    • Perfect for glove compartment storage.
    • Designed for home and abroad.
    • Content caters for minor injuries.
    • Covers European standards.
  • Universal First Aid Kit in Oslo Bag

    20.00 (Inc Vat)
    • Handy sized small universal general purpose kit.
    • Requires minimum storage space.
    • Contents cater for common minor injuries.
    • Designed for a variety of common uses such as travel, at home or leisure activities.
    • Ideal size for storing in the glove box, handbag, suitcase or backpack.
    • Universal Kit also available in medium (Helsinki) and large (Stockholm) sizes.
  • HSE 1 Person Travel Kit in Green Vinyl Pouch

    9.00 (Inc Vat)

    Employers are responsible for meeting the first aid needs of any employee working away from the main site, whether that work is remotely based at a permanent location (e.g. security staff, petrol stations, warehousing etc.), or involves regular travel (e.g. delivery drivers, couriers, health visitors etc.). Individual risk assessments are needed to establish what provisions would be suitable for the practical circumstances of each employee.

    These neat one-person first aid kits are intended for the particular use of one individual and most of them are compact enough to store without difficulty in a desk drawer or vehicle compartment. The contents* conform to the minimum requirements of the HSE regulations for lone working and are considered as the essentials for individual employees that are working at low risk without close or direct supervision.