Force®8 Half-Mask with PressToCheck™ – P3 Filters

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The Force®8 twin cartridge half mask with Typhoon™ valve offers superior low breathing resistance and a 4-point suspension harness with quick-release buckles. The mask is made with a durable thermoplastic rubber offering a superior fit to most face shapes. The mask accepts the full range of low profile Force®8 filters giving the Force®8 the flexibility to be used for many applications, providing filtering protection against particulates, many gases and vapours.

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Durable thermoplastic rubber mask for superior fit to most face shapes.

Fully adjustable 4-point cradle suspension ensuring an effective facial fit.

CR2 Reflectivity
Reflective strips create increased visibility in low-light environments for added safety.

Typhoon™ Exhalation Valve
Low resistance exhalation valve for easy breathing, with stable mask configuration.

Force® Filters
Cost effective Force®8 filters available with low profile angle for minimum visual impairment.

Conforms to EN 140 (Face piece), EN 14387:2004 (Filter performance), EN 143:200 (Filter performance)

PressToCheck™ P3 R D Filters

How can you be sure that you have donned your mask correctly?
With the new patent pending Force®8 PressToCheck™ filters you can instantly check that you have the correct seal every time.

Don the Mask – Put the straps and harness over your head and pull the straps to a suitably tight and comfortable fit.

PressToCheck™ – Press the front and backs of both filter covers together to stop air from entering through the filters.

Inhale – No air should come through the mask. Adjust the mask and repeat until it doesn’t. Release when seal is made.

Features & benefits
Daily Face Fit Reassurance
Passes dolomite
Protection against construction dust
Improved hygiene
Inhalation valve for easy maintenance
Low profile covers protect filters
Conforms to EN 143

Face piece
Filter performance
EN 14387:2004
Filter performance
• These respirators do not supply oxygen Do not use in oxygen deficient atmospheres
• Do not use for respiratory protection against atmospheric contaminants which have poor warning properties, are unknown or immediately dangerous to life and health or against chemicals which generate high heats of reaction with chemical filters
• Do not modify or alter this device
• The assembled respirator may not provide a satisfactory face seal with certain physical characteristics (such as beards or large side burns) resulting in leakage between the facepiece and the face, the under assumes all risks of bodily injury which may possibly result
• Do not use with unknown concentrations of contaminants
• Use strictly in accordance with face piece and filter instruction leaflet
• Face-fit – Respiratory protection is only effective if it is correctly selected, fitted and worn throughout the time when the wearer is exposed to respiratory contaminants
• Cleaning is recommended after each use. Remove the filters
• Clean the facepiece (excluding filters) using a cloth moistened with a weak detergent solution and allow to air dry in a noncontainated atmosphere
• If filter cartridge is be reused do not remove from respirator but clean with a cloth and warm soapy water and dry with a clean cloth
• Respirator components, especially exhalation valve and seat, should be inspected prior to each use. A respirator with any damaged or deteriorated components should be discarded
• The cleaned respirator should be stored away from contaminated areas when not in use


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