Our Solutions

Customised and Complete

“Building on local knowledge, while following the core principles of ASafe Global and best practice are the key to our growth.” Alan Canavan, CEO – ASafe Global

At ASafe Global we don’t follow an off-the-shelf service approach. We focus on understanding your unique business requirements and end goal. We customise a management programme to suit.

We work across SIX critical areas:

Safety Management

Focusing on reducing risk and maintaining a culture of safety, we work with you to implement and manage your Health and Safety programme. We will select suitable professionals to work on your project, on-site. Then, our management team handles all the requirements of your project and ensures our representative delivers the project – on time, with zero accidents or incidents.

ASafe Global received the Best Health and Safety Management Company Award in the Irish Enterprise Awards 2023 – an accolade we’ve earned for the second consecutive year.

ESG Management

Environmental safety is mission-critical to many operations. At ASafe Global we work with our clients to develop and implement programmes that address all environmental factors. ASafe Global partners with you to develop and implement programs that encompass Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations. Our extensive range of services now surpasses beyond environmental aspects, addressing the broader spectrum of sustainability.

Quality Management

At ASafe Global, quality is our passion. Our team of quality professionals possess extensive experience in developing and implementing Management Plans to ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and ISO 14001 standards. We believe that communication and teamwork are the pillars of all successful projects. With customer-specific quality management plans tailored to each project’s size, scope, and complexity, we aim to provide a value-added service that continually surpasses expectations. We develop and conduct detailed quality investigations and risk management analyses that identify improvement areas. Unlock excellence when you partner with ASafe Global – Choose ASafe Global to assist you in your next project to achieve exceptional quality, efficiency, and Customer satisfaction.

Corporate Culture

An equally important strand of operational excellence is the development of a healthy, cohesive corporate culture. Corporations that cultivate a positive and strong workplace culture can see a 400% growth in revenue (www.teamstage.io). It’s about building a community within your company that people want to be a part of – making positive connections and sharing company values that are clear and understood. We will work with your organisation to put the foundations of your culture in place, including the articulation of your mission, values, processes and behaviours.

We take a top-down approach, working with every department within your organisation and ensuring that communication excellence drives the process.

Occupational Health Services

We identify and assess the risks that may arise from health hazards in the workplace – looking at factors and practices in the working environment which may affect workers’ health. We take a systematic approach to provide a full analysis of occupational ‘accidents’, and occupational diseases. We advise on the planning and organization of work and working practices, including the design of workplaces, the choice and maintenance of equipment and any substances used at work. We provide advice, information and education on occupational health, safety and hygiene, ergonomics and protective equipment. 

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Recruitment & Staffing

We are at the forefront of connecting exceptional talent with leading organizations in Life Sciences, Renewable Energy, Data Centers, IT and Construction across the globe. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and our people-first approach is our driving force to continued success. We can assist you in all your recruitment and staffing needs sourcing full-time, contract or part-time employees, in any industry.