• DermiFlex Glove – Nitrile Foam Black


    Reusable ear plugs are made of TPR (thermo-plastic rubber) material that moulds to the ear canal after a few minutes by reacting to the warmth which provides a comfortable fit for most wearers. Featuring an improved shape for increased comfort and better attenuation performances. Each pair comes inside an individual hygienic polybag with fitting instructions.MaterialsTPR

    -Maximum dexterity
    -Protects against oil in warm and humid conditions
    -Nitrile foam coating for excellent grip in wet and dry conditions
    -Palm dipped to increase dexterity and ventilation
    -100% breathable seamless liner

    Nylon, Elastane, Elastic, Nitrile Sandy

  • Food Approved Nitrile Gauntlet


    Free of chemical allergens (Type IV allergies), latex protein (Type I allergies) and Nitrosoamines & Nitrosatables, the A814 has been designed specifically for the food industry. Offering outstanding flexibility and dexterity coupled with excellent tear and puncture resistance means these gloves are ideal for food handling.


  • Nitrosafe Plus Chemical Gauntlet Green


    -Tested to offer protection against many common chemicals found in the industry
    -Anti-slip textured pattern offers good grip in both wet and dry conditions
    -Free of soluble proteins helps to minimize the risk of an allergic reaction
    -Lightweight 15 mil thickness
    -Textured pattern
    -Suitable for a broad range of industries

    Nitrile, Cotton

  • Portwest Orange HD Disposable Gloves Orange


    -Premium high strength disposable gloves using innovative crystal grip technology
    -7mil / 0.18mm thickness for exceptional strength
    -High durability synthetic nitrile compound makes this glove three times stronger than standard nitrile
    -Silicone free
    -Ideal for food processing, auto repair, construction and other sectors
    -100 gloves per box


  • Powdered Vinyl Disposable Glove Clear


    Manufactured from high grade Poly-vinyl chloride, our Vinyl Disposable Gloves are super soft for superior user comfort and super stretchy to reduce hand fatigue. These gloves are latex free, smooth and non textured with a beaded cuff. 100 gloves per box.


  • Razor – Lite Glove Gray


    -ANSI cut level A4, for superior protection
    -Designed for tasks that require reinforced abrasion resistance
    -Additional reinforced protection on palm and forefinger areas
    -Tested for both cut and heat protection

    HPPE, Glass Fibre, Cow Split Leather, Elastane

  • Vending MR Cut PU Palm Glove Gray


    -Specially packed for vending machines
    -EN cut level 5 and ANSI cut level A3
    -Superb abrasion and tear resistance
    -Smooth PU coating for increased abrasion resistance
    -Palm dipped to increase dexterity and ventilation
    -100% Breathable seamless liner

    HPPE, Elastic, Glass Fibre, PU