EVO®5 Dualswitch™ Industrial Safety and Climbing Helmet – Vented – White

80.00 (Inc Vat)


  • Dual standard industrial climbing helmet
  • Switch up for EN 397
  • Switch down for EN 12492
  • EPP liner offers side, front and rear impact protection
  • Tough ABS shell

SNR=25. Conforms to EN 352 -1

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JSP’s EVO®5 DualSwitch™ is fully certified to both EN 397 and EN 12492, with the ability to change between the two standards easily at the flick of a switch.

Switch up
EN 397
EN 50365

The chinstrap release force of EN 397 is between 150 and 250 Newtons. This limits the risk of choking; the chinstrap is designed to release if caught up.

Switch down
EN 12492

The chinstrap release force of EN 12492 is greater than 500 Newtons. This limits the risk of losing the helmet during a fall.

Features & Benefits

EPP Liner
Our robust Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) liner ensures class leading impact attenuation, offering side, front and rear impact protection, as required in EN 12492.

4-Point Chinstrap
The 4-point chinstrap is easy to adjust on the head. Size and anchorage point adjustment enable a tailored fit for different head sizes, ensuring stability and greater comfort.

Tough ABS Shell
The EVO®5 safety helmet features an extremely robust ABS shell designed for superior protection. It features a distinctive five stripe design and the JSP Shield, an internationally recognised symbol of quality.

The shell and EPP liner are vented to increase comfort and allow a cooling air flow, reducing helmet temperatures by an average 2-3 degrees.

Maximum comfort
The Revolution® Flex wheel ratchet harness secures the helmet, eliminating pressure points to provide maximum comfort. Fitted with a replaceable Chamlon™ cotton sweatband and fully compatible with EVO® cooling sweatbands for protection against heat stress.

Secure fit
The harness cradles the head to keep the helmet stable with an adjustable 4-point chinstrap for increased security. 3D-Adjustment depth settings enable the most precise fit attainable on a safety helmet.

CR2 is the biggest step-up in night time visibility / reflectivity of head protection to date. A high intensity reflective material offering, on average, 60% more reflectivity than standard reflective clothing. CR2 is optional.

Universal attachment slots enable fitting of EVOGuard® visors and Sonis® ear defenders. Compatible with EVOSpec® integrated eyewear, lamp bracket & business card holder. The Visilite® helmet wearer illumination system can also be fitted to increase low light visibility.


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